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levelLink - Wireless RV Leveling Device

levelLink - Wireless RV Leveling Device

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The levelLink is a wireless RV leveling indicator that connects with any smartphone. It works with all RV types: Class As, Class B/Cs, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Pop-Ups, and more.

The levelLink provides an easy and accurate way to level your RV, camper, or trailer. The system includes a wireless sensor that mounts anywhere in the interior of your RV, and a smartphone app that displays real-time leveling information and provides guidance on how to level your RV.

The levelLink is easy to install and use making it a reliable and affordable solution for owners who want to ensure that their RV is level and stable.

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Check Level While Pulling in

Eliminate unneccessary effort by checking level before you leave the driver's seat.

Long-Range Connectivity

levelLink connectivity is immune to obstacles like the metal skin of your RV. You are guaranteed a connection so stable; you probably won't even think about it. Connect seamlessly from the driver's seat every time.

Always-On Technology

levelLink is always on and ready to connect. There is no need to worry about powering the device on or off.

Long Battery Life

You can expect a full year of regular usage before it's time to replace the batteries.

Mount Vertically or Horizontally

levelLink automatically detects if it has been installed vertically or horizontally and calibrates accordingly.

Robust, Intuitive App

levelLink works with the ROAM - Smart RV App. ROAM was designed from the ground up to be fool-proof and robust.

Setup So Simple, Your Grandma Could Do It

We optimized the setup process to be as intuitive and straightforward as possible.

If you have a difficult time setting up your levelLink, it's our fault not yours (or your grandma's).

levelLink Setup and Installation

User Manual/Installation Guide


How long can I expect the batteries to last?

The device is powered by 2 standard AAA Alkaline or Lithium batteries.

If the device has not been connected to for 24 hours, it enters a low-power state in which the batteries can last up to 500 days.

However, with typical usage, you can expect 1 year of use before needing to replace the batteries.

Does the levelLink only work with RVs?

You are welcome to fasten this device to anything you wish, however, it is not safe for use in safety-critical applications.